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CBD Capsules 50mg – What is the Best Dosage for You? CBD Capsules 50mg – What is the Best Dosage for You?

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced user or a first-time user because understanding how CBD capsules work and how to use them can be a bit confusing, particularly since it is a new industry. Every single day, there are dozens of question about CBD in general. However, the number one question is: what is the best dosage when using CBD?

Although there are many articles when it comes to CBD benefits, there is only a handful about the proper dosing of CBD. Things are even made more confusing because unlike other supplements, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t have an RDI or Recommended Daily Intake. This just means that CBD doesn’t have an official serving size.

CBD Capsules 50mg

For this reason, consumers blindly estimate their dosages according to the suggestion from companies and brands they purchase their CBD from. But, what is worse is that some just follow their friends who are not certified but are claiming to be experts just because they are CBD users.

The most common recommendation for dosage of CBD is to take one dropper of CBD a day. While it can be a dosage, it is not easy to tell if this is the right dosage for a certain person since it doesn’t consider some key factors like:

  • The person’s weight
  • CBD concentration
  • Body chemistry of the person
  • Severity of the specific condition that will be treated

Having said this, there is no one size fits all dosage and trial and error is require to gauge the right dosage for you. An expert at CBD Capsules Leafly said that as the physiology of the body changes, so do the receptors in one’s ECS or Endocannabinoid System that are responsible for CBD interactions. As results, optimal CBD dosage will shift throughout one’s lifetime. It means that there is really no universal CBD dosage.

So, how much should you take? Are CBD capsules 50mg good?

Below are some of the tips to select your CBD dosage:

  • Estimate the dosage based on your own body weight.

As with majority of substances, people with more body mass would need more CBD to experience all of its effects. For this reason, the golden rule is to determine the recommended CBD dosage for you is by taking 1 to 6mg of CBD for each ten pounds of body weight that is based on one’s pain level.

  • Always consult your doctor.

Whenever you are in doubt and you don’t know what to consider, particularly if you have a certain medical condition, never hesitate to consult your doctor. While there are lots of doctors who have years of experience with CBD, some doctors must have an idea on how the body would react to CBD capsules and could give you professional CBD dosage for your case.

CBD Capsules

Without knowing how to measure your dosage properly, knowing the amount of CBD you must take is pointless. This is true in terms of various ways to consume CBD capsules.

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